ANT KALIP which operates in flue sector, began its operation in 1958 with the production of molds for metal and plastic. ANT KALIP which takes its name from ants which are known with their hard work and cooperation, has been a company compatible with its name and has adopted keeping the promises it has given.

In 1965, ANT KALIP was involved in the automotive industry which was burgeoning
in our country and provided side industry production to companies such as “Otoyol Iveco”, “Ford Otosan”, “Tofaş”, “Toyota”, “Otokar” and “Mercedes Türk”. In 1983, it was involved in white goods sector as side industry production provider.

ANT KALIP which gives importance to development, change and quality, has become the solution partner for all the companies it has worked with, thus making the customer first principle as a part of company culture. The approach of “SOLVE THE PROBLEM FIRST, TALK COSTS LATER” has provided long term relationships with a lot of companies.

ANT KALIP which began flue production in 1998, has become the leader in this sector in a short time and established a partnership with Muelink & Grol group, the leading brand in this branch. The merger between ANT KALIP and Muelink& Grol in 2007, has accelerated the rise of ANT KALIP with new investments, customers and export markets.

ANT KALIP has proved its success by receiving the most successful supplier and quality awards from leading device manufacturers. ANT KALIP which carried out its first export in 2006, continues to export to 17 different countries as of 2016. With an innovative approach, ANT KALIP is still among the undisputed leaders of the flue sector.

ANT KALIP gives importance to research and development and makes the necessary investments to adapt the developing technologies. Our aim is to keep our name and quality recognized in the world and to carry it ever higher with our dynamic, determined and young team.